Mini Pal Outfits/13-inch dolls

Mini Pal Outfits/13-inch dolls

Maru and Friends® we pay special attention to every stitch, color & fabric selection.

We take play seriously, with outfits that will make the other girls green with envy.

When style meets chic, it must be a Maru™ original!


  • Americana Cool

    $27.99 -15% $23.79

    The must-have looks for your Mini Pals Ash, Pinocchio, and others.

    Featuring our dress-up outfit that includes a white dress shirt and navy-blue chino pants!  Plus, two very cool bow ties so you can change up your dolls style any time. 

    One all American star-studded red bow tie (red tie with tiny stars) and the other, perfectly fitted for the Holidays in a plaid pattern. One outfit two great looks! 

    Ready, set, let’s go hit the town and meet up with our friends!

  • Summer Fun

    $26.99 -15% $22.94

    Time to play!  The ideal mini pal outfit for Spring or Summer. 

    This set comes complete with a baby blue polo shirt that opens and has two tiny white buttons, beige cargo shorts with two working pockets and has reverse brown stitching to match the white canvas shoes with light brown laces.  Set fits all our 13-inch pals

  • Bunny Fun

    $29.99 -15% $25.49

    We had lots of fun working with ruffles and pleats. Presenting Bunny Fun, our new fancy blue dress especially designed for our little Mini Pals. A sweet blue dress with ruffles and pleats that’s perfect for any occasion! Also included, a white Pamela hat (matching blue ribbon) and golden sandals.  The perfect little dress!

  • Snowflakes for Mini Pals

    $29.99 -15% $25.49

    Outfit for Mini Pal dolls

    Dreaming of a bright winter in this cozy white winter coat with furry faux fur. Stylish coat comes with matching hat and furry winter boots. Perfectly sized to fit over a party dress.

    Make memories in white!

  • Prima Ballerina for Mini Pals

    $28.99 -15% $24.64

    Bravo!  Ready to hit the stage and impress the audience with dance and grace. This romantic ballerina costume features a modern tutu with layers of blush pink and white tulle, and the white bodice is adorned with a pink ribbon set in crisscross that ends with a perfectly made bow. 

    This graceful ballerina dress comes with ballet pointe shoes.

  • Sweet Dreams little darling

    $21.99 -15% $18.69

    Outfit for Mini Pal dolls

    It’s a fun night for our little cutie dolls in their two-piece pajama set.  This red and white pajama set is packed with tiny red polka dots, embroidered ladybugs & flowers and the collar is sprinkled with lace.  Sweet dreams little darlings!

  • Icicles in the Snow

    $29.99 -15% $25.49

    Outfit for Mini Pal dolls

    Just so pretty winter-white knit dress with turquoise stripes.
    The perfect little dress for any fashionable occasion.
    Ribbed white leggings, matching head-band and white furry boots included.
    It’s a perfect fit for all our Mini Pal dolls.

  • Dazzled Mini Dress

    $29.99 -15% $25.49

    A rich, gold shimmery, beige-knit dress with white faux-fur, come together to create a gorgeous look!  

    Matching hat and gold shoes included.  This season, dazzle everyone in gold!

  • Cache Chic

    $29.99 -15% $25.49

    Cache Chic

    Baby it’s cold outside! Your little cutie will be cozy-warm in her new chic outfit.
    Featuring our new fancy sweater cape set with faux-fur, paw print leggings and a white long-sleeve jersey. Included, stylish suede, gray booties!