Mini Pals

Chad™ Mini Pal


Meet Chad, the coolest kid on the block! Beautiful baby blue eyes, sun-kissed brown hair, realistic facial features, and just 13-inches tall. This collectible little boy has an all vinyl body. Sculpted by the award-winning master doll artist Dianna Effner.

Halle™ Mini Pal


Halle is a stunning African-American beauty with dark eyes, long lashes, realistic facial features and tight black afro-curls! A collectible Mini Pal that's just 13-inches tall with an all vinyl body. A masterpiece sculpted by famed Dianna Effner.

Raven™ Mini Pal - Limited Edition


Raven is a beautiful African-American Mini Pal with light brown eyes, long lashes, coarse long black hair and realistic features! Her child-like facial features are remarkable. Her body is made of vinyl but feels like porcelain. A masterpiece sculpted by famed Dianna Effner.

Maru™ Mini Pal


Meet Maru™ a Hispanic darling just 13-inches tall! Her angelic beauty is accentuated by her big dark eyes, long lashes and long silky, black hair. Maru™ is the main character in our doll collection. Live her true American story. A masterpiece sculpted by doll artist Dianna Effner.

Savannah™ Mini Pal


This pretty little darling red-head has gorgeous blue eyes and tiny freckles sprinkled on her cute nose.  Savannah is an American beauty standing 13-inches with an all vinyl body that feels like porcelain. Sculpted by master artist Dianna Effner.

Tanya™ Mini Pal


A collectible Mini Pal that's just 13-inches tall with amazing realistic features. Tanya's beauty is mesmerizing, she has soft long auburn, wavy hair and light brown eyes!   An all vinyl doll with a beautiful sun tan tone. A masterpiece sculpted by famed Dianna Effner.