Savannah American girl ™


Magnificently crafted with unique child‑like facial features that look just like a little girl. She looks and feels like porcelain, but she is made with the finest materials for play.

Savannah's beautiful strawberry red hair is matched by her amazing blue eyes and long lashes! 

Savannah American doll

Designer 20” all vinyl doll

This beauty is magnificently crafted with unique childlike facial features that look just like a little girl. She feels like porcelain but she’s made from the finest vinyl material, her body too.

Savannah’s beautiful strawberry red-silky straight hair with bangs is perfectly paired with her amazing baby-blue eyes and long lashes! A dash of freckles accents her loveliness.

Move over girls, the cutest redhead is back from her safari trip! Dressed in a safari outfit that features a combination of pink and hunter green gingham on the collar & sleeves. Her outfit comes complete with matching shirt, shorts & safari hat, a belt, socks and camping boots! Shoo under panties too.

Sculpted by famed Dianna Effner

Certificate of authenticity included


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