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  • Pepper Limited Edition Doll


    The final doll in the series of 2, now with jointed elbows making this cat more stylish and posable than ever in a 13-inch darling size.

    Peppers’ specially designed catlike Bengal costume is as stunning as her childlike facial beauty!

    Ships early September

  • Pinocchico Limited Edition


    Pinocchico Limited Edition Doll with jointed elbows

    The adventures of Pinocchico comes to life in this magical limited edition creation Pinocchico is a 13-inch Mini Pal doll with jointed elbows, the first of its kind. With an angelic facial features, blue glass eyes, long lashes and a natural color skin tone this kid is a pace di resistenza. Body is made of all vinyl but feels like porcelain.

    Primary colors set the stage for this beautifully designed outfit that celebrates the fable with lots of pieces. A white linen dress shirt, sky blue bow tie, yellow bolero with slit sleeves and red piping throughout, red overall pants with blue suspender straps that match the bow tie, a black leather belt adds the final touch.

  • Cinderella Limited Edition...

    UFDC 2020 Dianna Effner doll

    Cinderella, a timeless story of love and kindness that comes to life in our newest creation just 13-inches tall.

    Cinder comes in a stunning designer rags outfit that pays tribute to her humble beginnings. 

    Only 100 collectors will be able to bring this collectible Cinder doll to her new castle, your home.

    Sculpted by master doll artist Dianna Effner.

    Certificate of Authenticity included with doll.

    Sold Out

  • Fire Witch™ Limited Edition...

    It’s a magical concoction of beauty, mystic and fun.
    Here comes Fire Witch™ in her bewitching costume made of black taffeta with an original flame drawing that wraps around the edge of the skirt exposing her sharp yellow under tulle.  This two-piece outfit comes together with a short sleeve white & black top and connecting flair long sleeves, umbrella style black skirt, a leather style black belt, two-layered stockings (reversible in beige) and black booties finished with a buckle.  Adding to the fun, a beautiful witch hat and broomstick are also included with your doll purchase! 

    Sold Out

  • Maru Mini Pal ™ With Free...


    Meet Maru™ Mini Pal, our new little darling!

    Maru™ Mini Pal is a little darling standing tall at 13 inches! She is adorable and perfectly sized for girls of all ages. Her innocence and angelic beauty is only matched by her big personality that will continue to amaze us as we follow her story.

  • Chloe Mini Pal ™ With Free...


    This young lady has the wow factor, stunning light blue eyes, marvelous long lashes, soft freckles over her nose, adorable rosy lips, and realistic facial features that will take your breath-away. She styles an ash-blonde, soft curls set in two pig-tails in a removable wig.

    Standing 13-inches tall in her rosy skin tone and stylish body that feels like porcelain, but she’s made of smooth hard vinyl.

  • Tanya Collectible Doll ™...


    She is a gorgeous little darling that’s a knock-out with her new stylish looks! Beautiful childlike facial features with dark brown glass eyes, long lush lashes, and a unique look that will thrill. This is not a facelift, this is a whole new face & body!

  • Savannah Mini Pal ™ with...


    Savannah™ Mini Pal so much beauty & heart and only
    13-inches. This pretty little darling
    red-head has blue eyes and tiny freckles sprinkled on her

    With Free Prima Ballerina Outfit

  • Hannah Gracie Mini Pal™...

    13-inch Collectible Doll

    This little cutie is a blonde by day showing off her golden curls and an ash-brown by night styling her long silky straight hair and bangs.  Introducing, Hannah Gracie, the first of its kind Mini Pal doll with interchangeable hairstyles!  This girl has the wow factor with her lush lashes, amazing gray/hazel eyes and sexy eyebrows.

    Out of Stock

  • Valentina Asian girl ™ With...


    Magnificently crafted with unique child‑like facial features that look just like a little girl. She looks and feels like porcelain, but she is made with the finest materials for play.

    Valentina™ has long black hair with soft-long curls that are easy to manage and comb. 

  • Tanya American Doll ™ With...


    All vinyl 20” designer doll 

    Magnificently crafted with unique childlike facial features that look just like a little girl.  Her light hazel eyes and sun bronze tone and angelic beauty is a signature style of our sculptor.
    She stands 20-inches tall and feels like porcelain, but she is made from the finest vinyl material.

  • Jamie American Doll ™ with...


    An American darling doll in her long blonde hair and bangs that’s easy to comb, amazing green-glass eyes accented with lush lashes, freckles sprinkled on her nose and unique realistic childlike features that finish her angelic beauty.