Valentina Asian Girl ™


A magnificently created doll with unique life-like facial features that honor the beauty of an Asian girl. Valentina has long black hair with striking curls that are easy to manage. Her hair can be styled-up or down (wig). She has baby-blue glass eyes, very long-lashes and soft freckles enhance her delicate beauty.  She is hard vinyl made to feel like porcelain, smooth and silky.

Valentina is featured in a soft pink ballerina outfit that has three rosy motifs, pink stocking and ballerina shoes. 

A 20-inch collectible beauty that was sculpted by the award-winning European doll artist Maja Bill.  Maja Bill is internationally acclaimed for her fine collectibles of Asian dolls. 

Certificate of authenticity included. 

Low stock, once Valentina is sold-out, doll will be retired from the collection. Hurry! 

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