About us


Our story begins in 2008 when Maritza and Dianna got together to make way to a vision.

Our founder, Maritza Gutierrez

Maritza has owned a public relations and marketing firm for more than 35-years. She’s an award-winning creative director and writer. Her love of dolls, brings her to this path, where she chronicles her childhood experiences and writes several children’s storybooks about a Hispanic girl that comes to America.

A story of friendship with Maru, the doll.

Our artist, Dianna Effner

Dianna in our view, will forever be a master artist in the trade of doll making. With each stroke she creates her magic in capturing the tender features of a child’s angelic expression. A lifelong doll making career that spans 40-years of making fine porcelain dolls and collectible vinyl dolls. Her signature style is unique and everlasting. Our Maru and FriendsTM doll collection are sculpts made by the award-winning, American doll artist Dianna Effner.

The making of a beautiful doll starts with passion and love.

Thank you for being part of our story.