Pinocchio Limited Edition


Pinocchio Limited Edition Doll with jointed elbows.

The adventures of Pinocchio  comes to life in this magical limited edition creation Pinocchio  is a 13-inch Mini Pal doll with jointed elbows, the first of its kind. With an angelic facial features, blue glass eyes, long lashes and a natural color skin tone this kid is a pace di resistenza. Body is made of all vinyl but feels like porcelain.

Primary colors set the stage for this beautifully designed outfit that celebrates the fable with lots of pieces. A white linen dress shirt, sky blue bow tie, yellow bolero with slit sleeves and red piping throughout, red overall pants with blue suspender straps that match the bow tie, a black leather belt adds the final touch.

Also included, beautiful red booties with black shoe laces, a set of white gloves and the dashing hat with a red feather.

Celebrating the artistry of famed sculptor Dianna Effner.

Certificate of authenticity included.