Ash, The Twin Sibling


Limited Edition Collectible Doll. Nothing like sibling love, meet Ash our beautiful childlike doll with realistic facial features, stunning dark blue glass eyes, long lashes, rosy cheeks and a sprinkle of tiny freckles finish his angelic beauty.  Doll feels smooth and silky like porcelain, but he is all vinyl. His skin tone is light complexion. 

Their amazing glass blue eyes will wow you with different shades of blue for each, red long dashing lashes and freckles accent these two cuties. Their look is like no other doll in our collection. Each have beautiful apple red hair which are removable wigs. 

Ash styles a yellow and white gingham long sleeve shirt that you can roll up the sleeves, a navy overall shorts with working pockets, two bow ties, a navy blue nad one with matching  the shirt. Also included high top sneakers in two tones. 

Doll sculpted and original face painted by Dianna Effner and designed by Maru. Certificate of authenticity included.